Alison by Andrew Humphrey

Alison by Andrew Humphrey

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Chris believed that Alison was the love of his life. He believed that Spike and Emma were his best friends. He trusted them. Turns out we all have our dark side…

This first novel from successful short-story writer Andrew Humphrey builds on his fascination with dark desires, creating a compelling mystery that holds the reader in its grip as the disparate threads of a man's life unravel amid revelations and recriminations.

Cover art is by David Gentry.

Published in 2008 as a limited edition Demy hardback (sold out) and a Demy paperback of 176 pages.

"A captivating story that won't let you go until you've discovered all there is to know about characters you came quickly to care about. And by then it'll be too late. Very, very good indeed" Neil Williamson

"A heady dose of violence and off the wall sex … an entertaining and insightful study of dark psychology" Peter Tennant

"Psychological, relationship horror, super clean and nicely complex … it really is an all-nighter" Rick Kleffel

"One of the best crime novels I have ever read … bleak, intense, moving, heartbreaking stuff. The prose is lean and terse without losing any depth; the characters are vivid, each one on the verge of breaking. These people are so real they could live around the corner – but you'll be glad that they don't. This is a very fine novel indeed from one of the brightest literary talents the UK has seen in a long time" Gary McMahon