TTA Novella 6: Honeybones by Georgina Bruce
TTA Novella 6: Honeybones by Georgina Bruce

TTA Novella 6: Honeybones by Georgina Bruce

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A troubled girl, a haunted book, a house of illusions and enchanted mirrors. Anna Carrow just wants to make things right between her and her mum, to please her stepdad, and keep out of the way of school bullies. But her efforts only seem to lead her further and further from reality, deeper and deeper into paranoia and delusion, until she finds herself tangled inside a twisted fairytale, face to face with the sinister cully king. Now Anna has to decide which version of reality to believe in. But how can you know who to trust, when your mind is playing tricks on you?
"A very unsettling tale. I recommend it" Sam Tomaino, SF Revu
"Georgina Bruce is casting some serious fairy magic here. Glittering and terrible, a bit sexy and totally dangerous" Gemma Webster, Fiction Unbound
"A powerful work, a powerful battle of works, too, and I am still dwelling on everything that I have experienced today in my incredible reading journey..." Des Lewis
"Dark, dreamy (or 'dreemy'), slippery, topsy-turvy writing bordering on poetry at times. It really does pack a punch. You absolutely should get a copy" Jack Westlake
"The characters in Honeybones inhabit a world in which dreams and night terrors are no less real than what we designate 'reality'. The writing is taut, intoxicating, fierce. Highly recommended" James Knight
"A beautiful house of mirrors of a book, a puzzle that gradually unpeels its layers of mystery and meaning until we reach the shattering heart of the story. There are mirrors and dolls and complex shifting relationships. It’s a beautifully written book too; Georgina’s words conjure a rich atmosphere of fairy tale that almost completely envelops you. A wonderful book. Highly recommended" Simon Avery
B-format paperback, 96 pages on cream bookwove with matt laminated cover and wraparound art by Vince Haig.