Black Static 78/79 Double Issue
Black Static 78/79 Double Issue

Black Static 78/79 Double Issue

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Upland Wildlife by Rhonda Pressley Veit
Delivery by Tyler Keevil
Subtemple by Ashley Stokes
Of Wrath by Zandra Renwick
These Birdhouses are Empty Now by Jo Kaplan
Thirty-Two Tumbling Teeth by Neil Williamson
Moon-Boy by Jess Hyslop
The Undulating by Stephen Bacon
The Great West Gate by Alexander Glass
A Phantasmagorical Bestiary of the La Brea Tar Pits by Mike Buckley
Wraparound cover art by Richard Wagner
American Royal paperback, 192 pages
"Another set of remarkable Black Static stories" Des Lewis (read the full review)
"This is a stunningly good tale ... about two touristing families driving through Normal Valley who happen to stop for a bit of fun horse riding at a seemingly normal farm. It's a trip that comes to quite a terrifying end. At the farm lives a family that are part of the valley, of its history and landscape and its folklore and mythology in a profound way that has terrible repercussions for everyone involved. I love the way this story captures the family dynamics at play among children and adults, both among the visitors and the locals, and I love how folklore and old tales are woven into the narrative throughout. There's a steely tension running through the story, and every twist of the plot tightens that tension until the breaking point" Maria Haskins on Upland Wildlife
"Holy crap. One of my favourite things I've read in a long time. I'm totally blown away. Great voice, terrifying historical elements, grim fairytale parts, myths, monsters, horses, snakes. It's got it all" Jonathan Cosgrove on Upland Wildlife
"Upland Wildlife is superb. Between that and Fatal Memory (Black Static 76), I now consider myself a fan of Rhonda Pressley Veit. Excellent writer" WA Parkin